SVA Census Survey

Happy Halloween AUMCC,

We hope you all are doing well and had a spooky weekend! Students Veterans of America released their Fall 2022 survey, and we would like as many of you as possible to fill it out. The results from this survey will assist the SVA in supporting its over 1,500 chapters in the network.

Please access the link below to get started! 


Opportunity with AU Votes!

We wanted to share with you all about this wonderful opportunity with AU Votes! 

To support AU students in exercising their right to vote, American University has launched this initiative in order to assist students in requesting absentee or mail-in ballots and connecting local students to in-person voting information.              

Since many of you are registered voters in your home state and state rules governing out-of-state voting can vary and be confusing, AU Votes is providing tools and practical support to take the guesswork out and streamline the process, including:

– State-by-state ballot request instructions;

– Sept 19, 20 & 21st Absentee Ballot Days    

-In-person assistance with requesting absentee or mail-in ballots @ AU in front of the Library.                                     

Receive help navigating the steps in YOUR state, AU Votes is providing supplies, postage, and notarization (if your state requires it).

-Active Duty Military Members and Overseas Citizens can apply for their ballots via 

You must submit your request for an absentee or mail-in ballot SOON to have enough time to receive the ballot, vote, and submit by your state-authorized deadline. 

Ensure your vote counts! Stop by the library Sept 19-21 for support requesting your absentee ballot. Additionally, please visit AU Votes for more information, including a sign-up sheet to receive voting reminders and/or get involved.

AU Votes Link:

AUMCC Important Update

We all hope you’re having a fantastic Fall semester so far. We apologize to share the solemn news that our organization has been frozen and will not be able to access funds available for all other student clubs at this time. As a result, AUMCC will not be recognized as a student organization for this year.

We found out about this news last week when the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) informed us that we did not complete our registration, and our club leadership is currently looking into the issue. We are currently working to resolve it with the university administration given that we’ve fulfilled all the required steps to recertify our organization to the best of our knowledge, much like how we have done in every year prior to this one. We will keep you all updated on the situation as we work to try and rectify this situation to the best of our ability.

In the meantime, we will continue our best to maintain and support our club’s mission which is to support American University’s military-connected students. As a chapter of Student Veterans of America (SVA), we believe it’s our greatest responsibility to ensure that we meet the unique needs of student veterans and our military-affiliated students. Not only that, but we will continue to link student veterans with resources, assistance, training opportunities, support, and social engagements to improve academic, social, emotional, and professional experiences, success, and overall well-being. Nothing will stop us from achieving this mission no matter which obstacles are emplaced in our path.

Regardless of what the future has for our club, please rest assured that we will do everything we can to represent our student veteran and military-affiliated community.

AUCC Week is Coming Up!

Good evening AUMCC Family,

This will be the first ever AUCC event hosted in-person and will consist of 3 different events:

  • Tuesday April 5th: AUCC Meet and Greet from 4-6pm in MGC 247
  • Wednesday April 6th: Paint and Sip from 8-10pm in the Tav
  • Thursday April 7th: Open Mic night from 7-9pm in the Bridge (if you want to perform please email me!) 

We would love for you all to attend, and please RSVP on Engage so we know how many people are attending. 

Lastly, AUCC is also hiring and is looking for an entire new team! If you are interested or know anyone that is interested please apply. All positions are stipend!!

Hope to see you this week!

Warrior Events Spring Navy Tailgate

Hello AUMCC community!

Be sure to mark your calendars on SATURDAY, APRIL 9TH AT 10 AM – 3 PM for the Warrior Events Spring Navy Tailgate at the Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Gate 5 (Jet) in Annapolis, MD!

This event will also feature the band We’re NOT Handsome from 11am – 12:30pm.

Game Time will be at 1pm and will feature Men’s Navy vs Loyola.

Lastly, GREAT FOOD will be provided by Adams Ribs, Subway, Davis’ Pub, Mission BBQ, McGarvey’s, Acme, Harvest Thyme, Stan & Joes, and Carpaccio’s.

American University Veteran Services News You Can Use

American University Veteran Services News You Can Use

September 2021, Volume 3

View it on the AU website at

Inside this month’s issue:


Make sure to read News You Can Use Volumes 1 & 2 for other important announcements!

  • It’s time to submit your Request for Certification!
    • Did you already submit your Request for Certification to the American University Veterans Services Office? If so, then you are on track to receive your VA education benefits in a timely manner. Please be advised that certifications will not be processed until after the add/drop deadline. This is to account for any changes in enrollment that could impact your benefit payment rate.
  • Are you seeing an amount due on your student account?
    • Don’t Panic! If you submitted your Request for Certification for Chapter 33 (Post-9/11) or Chapter 31 (VR&E) benefits, your VA education benefits are pending approval and will be dispersed in a timely manner. Please be advised that certifications will not be processed until after the add/drop deadline. This is to account for any changes in enrollment that could impact your VA benefits eligibility. It also means that you should expect to receive your first payment around the 6th and 8th week of the semester. The VA payment will either be sent to you directly or to your student account, depending on VA education benefit type. For more information on VA education benefits, check out these helpful FAQs about different types of Veterans education benefits.
  • Remember to waive your health insurance fee!
    • If you are already covered under a health insurance plan and are attending American University as a full-time student, you can login to the Academic Health Plans student portal to waive American University’s mandatory health insurance fee. The deadline to submit a waiver for the 2021-2022 academic year is September 17, 2021. Visit here to obtain proof of insurance under Tricare in order to submit a Health Insurance Waiver. If you are receiving Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 GI Bill® Benefits, you can also request to use your education benefits to cover the cost of the health insurance fee. Please note, this amount will be deducted from your GI Bill cap. Please email to include your health insurance charge in the tuition and fees amount requested from the VA.
  • In-person office hours are back!
    • While the American University Veterans Services team has expanded our office hours by adding a virtual component for your convenience, we recognize that Zoom meetings can be exhausting and less personal. That is why we will be resuming in-person office hours this Fall! Be advised that in-person meetings will be limited to Tuesdays and Fridays for the Fall semester. An appointment is required. We are still hoping to resume our Virtual Office hours as well, facilitated by our wonderful student work-study team. For more information on office hours dates and times, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
  • Did you miss the Veterans’ Lounge?
    • Well, we have good news for you! The Veterans Lounge will reopen this Fall 2021 semester. The Veterans’ Lounge is located next to AU Central – Veteran Services office in 201 Asbury building. The Veterans’ Lounge is designated for all military-affiliated students. If you have completed a Request for Certification For Fall 2021 and/or are part of our Military-Connected Club, you have been given access to the Veterans Lounge. If you still need access, please email from your AU email. Access to the Veterans’ Lounge is typically granted in 24 hours.
Image derived from Vets HQ webpage on August 30, 2021

Knowledge Article of the Month

What is the VA 6 Credit Hour Exclusion and how is it different from mitigating circumstances?

The American University Veterans Services team is excited to welcome students back to campus! Still, we recognize that returning to in-person classes will not be without its challenges. Luckily, Veterans Affairs offers two options for students that might need to drop one or more classes without disrupting the continued receipt of their education benefits or penalizing the student with an incurring debt.

So, what is the 6-hour credit exclusion?

Well, the VA permits students to continue to receive benefits relevant to their enrollment after dropping up to 6-credit hours and up to the date they dropped classes where the student received non-punitive grades (“W’). What this means is that the VA will grant a one-time exclusion and no questions asked (proof of mitigating circumstances do not need to be provided), where the VA will pay for the dropped course from the date the course began until the date they were dropped by the student after the deadline of the university or program (whichever is applicable). This is not to be interpreted as the VA paying for the courses in full up to 6 credit hours. The VA will pay for the portion of the courses the student completed and the student will be billed for the portion that was not. If you’re dropping less than 6 Credit hours, the exclusion will only be granted for the amount of credits dropped and your one-time exclusion is used. The “unused” credits do not roll over for another time.

Ok. So what happens if you need to drop credit hours beyond the 6-credit hour exclusion policy?

Dropping credits beyond the 6-credit hour exclusion is where the mitigating circumstances provision may apply. This provision works the same as the 6-credit hour exclusion in terms of payments (the VA only paying for the portion of what was completed and billing the student for what was not) however the distinction is that the provision requires proof of mitigating circumstances before it is approved, and VA payments can be dispersed. A few examples of what the VA would deem mitigating circumstances are death in the family, severe sickness or illness, unforeseen change in employment, unavoidable geographical transfer. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


September Calendar

Don’t miss these important deadlines and upcoming events!

September 5, 2021 (6:30 – 7:30 PM EST)

First general body meeting of the American University Military Connected Club held on Zoom. This meeting occurs the first Sunday of every month. Meeting Zoom Link

September 5, 2021 (8:00 PM EST)

Open discussion for student members of the American University Military Connected Club. This is a monthly event! To request membership to the American University Military Connected Club, visit the Office of Campus Life’s “Engage” platform. You can also follow the Military Connect Club on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn.

September 6, 20201

Labor Day! American University Veterans Services Office will be closed and will resume normal services on September 7, 2021.

September 13, 2021

Last day to drop a fall course for a 100% refund and without a “W” recorded. This date is especially important for students using VA education benefits, since our office will start certifying students’ benefits after this date for students in programs at AU’s main campus. For guidance on the add/drop period for other academic programs (i.e., online programs) visit American University’s Calendar of Events.

Virtual Job & Internship fair September 23, 2021 1-4 p.m. Eastern

Special Event

Mark your calendar!

Army Contracting Command – INSCOM is registered to attend the Career Fair at American Universiy on September 23, 2021. Army Contracting Command – INSCOM is made up of mostly Army Civilian Employees along with some Active Duty Soldiers. It also has a large number of former Active Duty Soldiers working in the organization now as Army Civilians.

Feel free to reach out to Jeff Martin, Supervisory Human Resources Analyst at: with any questions.

Kai Yuen Suherwan

AU Veterans Spotlight

Kai Yuen Suherwan
Communications Director,
American University Military Connected Club

Kai Yuen Suherwan grew up in Singapore and served in the Singapore Army, as part of his national service. He now attends American University and is enrolled in the School of International Studies. He is extremely passionate about helping the Veteran community and is especially looking forward to his new position as social media director for the American University Military Connected Club. Kai’s passion for assisting the American University Military Connected Club stems from his hope that American University’s military-connected students feel a sense of inclusion and appreciation that he was not afforded. He’s the youngest but among the brightest of the American University Military Connected Club’s leadership team. We’re very grateful for his communications and social media skills. Kai plays an essential role, working tirelessly for all members of the American university Military Connected Club. The club’s President, Jennifer Thurston, has expressed much praise for Kai and says “I can’t imagine where we’d be without him. Thank you, Kai!”